Straight Forward, Honest Pricing

A Way in the Mist Coaching is aligned with a practical, sustainable value for self-care and personal growth.

Video/Phone Sessions

$75 /hour

Video sessions held via Zoom and will be booked via phone or email in advance. Each session begins with a grounding activity to shake off the mental clutter from the day and ends with a review of the concrete takeaway you gained from the session. Benefits of real-time coaching is immediate feedback and insight into your thought patterns and emotional responses.

Email-Based Coaching


Email Package consists of a starting questionnaire, a thoughtful review of your expressions (up to 1500 words) and a thorough response with a new set of questions that will advance your thinking to the next level.  Perfect for people who feel more confident expressing themselves through writing and like to have time to reflect before responding.

Goal-Focused Accountability


Have a specific project or goal in mind, but keep dragging your feet? This package offers a customized schedule of check-ins and interventions to make sure you hit your deadlines. Finally enjoy the pride of finishing what you started! All packages include one Zoom/Email planning session to set realistic goals, action steps and deadlines.

Contact Info

If you are ready to get started, or would like to learn more, your first step is a call or email.